Autograph Tips For Parkview Field

The Autograph Tips For Parkview Field
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Early gate opening means plenty of time for autographs
Prior to first pitch, it's easy to get players' autographs around the bullpens down each base line.

If you enter Parkview Field as soon as the gates open, batting practice is likely to still be underway. This means that players aren't apt to sign, at least not just yet.

Position yourself along the fence by either dugout -- the TinCaps are on the first base side and the visitors are across the diamond. Some players will sign immediately after BP, but most of the team will retreat to the clubhouse for pregame meetings.

Shortly thereafter, both teams will emerge from the dugouts and begin stretching. At this point, it's easy to call to players and request autographs. Players will usually stop signing about 15 minutes before first pitch, but by then, you shouldn't have had a problem gathering as many autographs as you desire.