Where to sit at Coca-Cola Field

The BallParkGuide.com Where to sit at Coca-Cola Field
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Tickets cost more on Fridays
  • Box seats throughout entire stadium
  • Many different areas for groups
All the seats in Coca-Cola Field are fold-down, box style and range in price from $8.50 to $11.50.

All the seats in Coca-Cola Field are box style, including those in the three General Admission sections (121, 123 and 125) in the left field corner. Buffalo's Special Reserved seats, which run along the lower half of the lower deck from dugout to dugout and in the center of the suite level, cost $11.50 for all home games. The Reserved seats, which fill the rest of the stadium other than in the General Admission area, cost $10.50 each every day of the week except for Friday, when they're $11.50. GA tickets are $8.50 Saturday through Thursday and $9.50 on Fridays. Youth and seniors who sit in the GA section can buy tickets for $5.50 seven days a week. The reason for some tickets being $1 more on Fridays is due to the team's Friday Night Bash event, which features live music, food and other events outside the stadium prior to the game.

The minuscule price difference between Special Reserved and Reserved tickets probably won't dictate where you buy your seats. But, if you want to save a buck and get a great seat, try the front row in sections 115 and 116, which are the first Reserved sections next to the Special Reserved area. If you want to be directly behind home plate, a front-row seat in a Reserved section above a Special Reserved is ideal. If you plan to cheer for the Bisons, try for a seat above the first base dugout; if you're cheering for the visitor, purchase on the third base side.

Coca-Cola Field has a multitude of choices for groups, which doesn't pertain to the average small group of fans visiting Buffalo on a baseball roadtrip. The Labatt Blue Zone, located at the top of Section 116 behind first base, is for groups of 30 to 200 fans. It's ideal for fans who want to be in the thick of things while enjoying the game as a group, rather than isolated in a separate group area. The Bully Hill Party Deck / Heron's Landing is a group area for 25 to 200 people and is located beyond right field. It has several tiers and seating styles, and is ideal if you want to hang at the bar or sit at a table closer to the field. The Tent/Pavilion Area beyond center field is for larger groups, and offers all-you-can-eat dining and plenty of picnic tables.

If you're the indoor type, Pettibones Grill, which is located inside Coca-Cola Field up high on the first base side, has both an outdoor patio and window seats. A full menu, sports bar atmosphere and air conditioning come included.