Finding Your Way Around Prince George's Stadium

The Finding Your Way Around Prince George's Stadium
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Gates open an hour before first pitch
  • Kids' play area in RF corner is top-notch
If you have kids, the merry-go-round at the end of the first base concourse is a must-see spot.

To get the most out of your Prince George's Stadium and Bowie Baysox experience, get to the ballpark as early as you can. The gates open an hour before first pitch, but because you don't have to pay to park, you can get to the facility as early as you'd like. Once you park your car, there are lots of neat things to see and do long before the gates open.

If you tour around the outside of the park, there are plenty of areas from which you can see the field, which is great if batting practice is underway. As you tour, take a look at the nice cars in the players' parking lot at the end of the parking lot to the right of the front gate and take a wander behind the outfield fence if you want to try to snag a batting practice home run. Even if BP is not on, the players might be on the field or milling around. There's a building in the right field corner that serves as the Baysox clubhouse, and you can see players come and go in this area leading up to the game. The visitors' clubhouse is in the left field corner. As much as you might be tempted to ask a player for his autograph, remember this is his preparation time and you'll get a chance to get some autographs later on.

When you've seen enough, head back to the pavilion in front of the main gate. Before some games, there's stuff to see in this area, and it'll also give you the opportunity to get your tickets. Remember that Bowie's tickets are more expensive on game day, so try to buy them in advance.

Once the gates open, decide whether you want to get to field level quickly for some autographs or tour the concourse. If the latter is your preference, you'll still be able to keep an eye on the field because the entire concourse is open. The Baysox team shop is to your right as you enter. If you keep heading in this direction, you'll eventually come to the kids' play area, which contains inflatable attractions and a functional merry-go-round. (If you have kids with you, your tour will abruptly come to a stop.) You'll also see the lighthouse, which is one of Prince George's Stadium's trademark sites.

As you head back toward the home plate concourse and down the right side, you'll notice the Black Angus Grille behind third base, which is arguably the best place to get food at the ballpark. At the end of the concourse is a group picnic area. If a group has booked it, it'll be off-limits. If not, it offers some welcome shade on a sunny day.

When you enter the seating bowl, you'll see a combination of box seats and bleachers. Above, it's the suite level, which is standard at almost every Minor League park. One unique feature about Prince George's Stadium is the press box being just above the 200 Level, rather than up in the suite level. You'll see the broadcast and game control teams prepping for the game, and make sure to note the holes in the press box wall, left by foul balls.

The ushers at Prince George's Stadium are helpful and laid-back. While it's a no-no to buy a cheap ticket and move closer to field level, you aren't likely to have an issue if you want to move to a cheaper area or somewhere else within the same price point. Watching the game from different sections can enhance your enjoyment of the action.