Autograph Tips For Prince George's Stadium

The Autograph Tips For Prince George's Stadium
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Players sign around dugouts pre-game
  • Baysox dugout is on first base side
Former New York Met Wally Backman signs autographs adjacent to the visitors' third base dugout.

If you enjoy collecting autographs during your visits to different ballparks, you'll be glad you visited Prince George's Stadium. This park is extremely fan friendly to autograph seekers, regardless of the team whose players you're after. As is the case with other parks in the Minor Leagues, fans can get most players to sign in the hour leading up to first pitch. Once the gates open, get to field level as quickly as possible and camp out in the front row around either dugout. The Baysox are on the first base side and the visitors are on the third base side. You don't need to be directly adjacent to the dugouts; the fence along each line is short enough that players will sign along it.

Pretty soon, players will emerge from the dugout and being stretching and throwing. Some will sign on their way to the field, but most will sign after the work is done. Don't get discouraged; most guys aren't just putting you off. They will indeed stop for you on their way back to the dugout, so be patient.

Take a look at how many other autograph seekers are in the ballpark. If the crowd is small, you should be able to run between dugouts to get signatures from each team. If there's a pile of fans at each dugout, your best bet is to pick one side and stick with it.

MiLB rules prohibit players from signing during games, and most players will stop signing once the umpires take the field. You can try to get a few extra autographs after the final out, but before the game is always your best bet.

Before select games, the Baysox will open the gates early for autograph-signing events. If autographs are your thing, do your best to attend one of these games. The team will be seated at tables along the entire concourse, and with the exception of the game's starting pitcher and a catcher, you should have no trouble getting the entire team to sign. Check the Baysox website to look for this promotion.

As always, general autograph-seeking rules apply. Minor League guys are usually more willing to sign than Major League guys, but remember to use basic manners and have your pen and item you want signed at the ready.