Autograph Tips For NYSEG Stadium

The Autograph Tips For NYSEG Stadium
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Players are accessible down the lines
  • B-Mets are on first base side
When the players are done warming up along either base line, many will sign autographs for the fans in the area.

Like most parks in the Minors, getting autographs at NYSEG Stadium is a fun, easy experience. Because the construction of the stadium allows you to get extremely close to the players, you're able to meet players, get photos and have items signed virtually anywhere in the park.

The B-Mets dugout is on the first base side, so focus on this area if you're pursuing the home team. If you hang out anywhere along the fence, especially in areas such as the Lupo's Dugout picnic area (provided it's not closed off for a private group), it's not difficult to call a player over to sign an autograph for you. Players sign primarily before the game, but it's also possible to get some signatures after the final out.

If you're a fan of the visitors and want some of that squad's players to sign, stand along the fence on the third base side, especially on the outfield end of the dugout. Because the left field corner also has a picnic area, you can get close to the players here and obtain signatures before the game.