How To Get To Falcon Park

The How To Get To Falcon Park
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Just a half-hour from I-90
  • Nestled in a residential area
Businesses around the city of Auburn support the Doubledays by displaying Game Tonight banners on game days.

Even if you're following a map or GPS, it's easy to second guess that you're headed in the right direction. Single-A stadiums are small to begin with, but in the quiet town of Auburn (pop. 30,000), Falcon Park takes the concept of community baseball to a new level. Nestled in a residential area, Falcon Park isn't the type of stadium you can see for miles as you approach, and might be easy to drive past. Thankfully, the neighbourhood's speed limits will keep you moving slowly enough that you can't miss it.

Falcon Park is less than 30 minutes from I-90, and is simple to find. On I-90, take Exit 40 to Routh 34 south. Stay on Route 34 for 21 miles. Once in Auburn, turn right onto Perrine Street, one block south of Auburn Memorial Hospital. Follow Perrine Street for 8.6 miles, then turn right onto Division Street. Falcon park is on your right, and parking is on the left.

As you drive through Auburn, the community will leave little doubt that it's a game day. You definitely get the sense that this community stands behind its team; signs reading Game Tonight are prevalent in front of many area businesses.

Map of Falcon Park with Directions