How to Get A Ball at Falcon Park

The How to Get A Ball at Falcon Park
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Snag BP home runs behind outfield fence
Prior to the game, head to the grass hill behind the outfield fence to catch batting practice home runs.

If catching a ball is your mission, small ballparks such as Falcon Park are ideal. There are fewer fans, of course, which means less competition. If you want to catch a foul ball down the baselines, this may prove difficult. Because the field is set below (rather than level with) your feet if you're in the front row, it's impossible to touch the field without hanging upside down over the railing. Your best bet is to find a spot in a fairly open section, which will give you the chance to move toward any foul balls that land in the area.

Minor League Baseball parks open an hour before first pitch, and by that time, batting practice is finished. But that doesn't mean you won't be able to get a ball during BP. Like many minor league facilities, Falcon Park doesn't have outfield bleachers, so home runs simply land on the grass beyond the fence. Behind the stadium is Case Park Recreational Center, and the facility's driveway runs roughly parallel to the outfield fence. You can either park back there in the hopes of finding a ball in the grass, or just walk from the stadium's lot. Either way, it's easy to come up with more balls than you can carry in a short period of time. But remember to keep your head up. Because the fence is solid, it's impossible to know when a ball is coming, and reacting in time is difficult. It's best to stand back from the fence and simply chase the balls down once they land. Batting practice begins about two hours before game time, so go early to get as many balls as possible.