What to eat at Peoples Natural Gas Field

The BallParkGuide.com What to eat at Peoples Natural Gas Field
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Curverogie sandwich is park's must-try item
  • Extensive beer menu at Specialty Brews cart
The Curverogie sandwhich, loaded with ham, onions, cheese and a pierogie, stands out from its peers in Altoona.

The Altoona Curve demonstrate care and attention to detail when it comes to the upkeep of Peoples Natural Gas Field, so it’s only fitting the same attitude goes into creating a memorable ballpark menu. If you’re not the most adventurous of eaters, you’ll be able to find common ballpark staples such as hot dogs, nachos, burgers, popcorn and more at Peoples Natural Gas Field. But if you want to eat outside the box, there are a number of items that will whet your appetite.

One the park’s trademark sandwiches is the Curverogie, which is every bit as excessive as it sounds. This meal-in-itself consists of ham, onions, cheese and a giant pierogie piled high on a Kaiser roll. This sandwich is all but guaranteed to fill you up.

The US Foods BBQ Pit, located on the first base side, sells a variety of BBQ sandwiches and other items and you’ll be able to follow the smell right to the area. Other popular concessions include the Pizzeria, which sells pizza and other standard ballpark food, and Grille Works, which specializes in grilled food.

If you’re seated in the outfield bleachers or Rail Kings section, there’s a concession stand immediately accessible to the area with a decent food and drink menu.

The beer selection at Peoples Natural Gas Field is varied enough that you’ll certainly find something that you enjoy. Beyond the usual suspects, the Specialty Brews cart carries such brands as Smithwick’s, Guinness, Harp, Amstel Light, McSorley’s, Sunset Wheat and Dos Equis.