Where to sit at Rogers Centre

The BallParkGuide.com Where to sit at Rogers Centre
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Team sets pricing based on opponent
Behind home plate, seating options include the In the Action seats, Premium Dugout and Field Level Infield.

Like many MLB clubs, tickets at Rogers Centre are more expensive for the games designed as "Premium," which basically means you'll pay more to watch the Yankees and Red Sox. (However, there are a number of other opponents who appear occasionally as Premium visitors, including the Mariners, Mets and Indians.) If the opponent is of no consequence to you, pick a "Regular" game for a significant drop in ticket price. For example, the Field Level Bases section costs $52 for Premium games and $44 for Regular games. If you're buying for a family of four, the savings are enough to pay for most of your food.

Choosing tickets for the game depends, of course, on where you like to sit. Before deciding where you want to sit, it's important to understand the structure of Rogers Centre. Although the stadium has five levels of seating, the 100s, 200s and 500s are the only decks with stadium seating. The 300s and 400s are exclusively suite levels.

The cheapest option is the 500 Level, where any ticket costs $14 for Premium games and $11 for Regular games. The sections in the 500 Level behind home plate, 522, 523, 524a, 525 and 526 are usually the most densely populated. The 500 Level sections down the lines are less dense, and the sections in the outfield are usually blocked off to avoid the fans being spread out too far. The 500s might not be your best option if you are uncomfortable with heights or suffer from vertigo. Not only are the seats at this level very high, they also are sloped steeply. (They're perfectly safe, of course, but the visuals might throw you for a bit of a loop.) Another knock on the 500s is the amount of time it takes to reach them.

The 200 Level Outfield seats, which essentially wrap from each foul pole to the Windows Café that runs across most of the outfield, are $30, making them a bit expensive for their location. For Regular games, they drop to $22, which is much more palatable.

If you want to be a bit closer to the field, consider the 100 Level Outfield seats. The pricing in this section, which spans from foul pole to foul pole across the outfield, is hit and miss. The Premium games are poor value at $36, especially when you keep in mind that because of the bullpens, you’re not all that close to the field. By way of contrast, the same seats at Comerica Park in Detroit cost just $15. The value, however, improves for Regular games, when these seats drop to a more reasonable $24.

In the outfield, sections 140, 141, 142, 101, 102 and 103 are usually sparsely populated. The first three are on the left field side of the batter’s eye, while the other three are – you guessed it – on the right field side. These sections cost $24 for Regular games, which is still pricy enough, but perfect if you want a section that’s relatively empty. Despite this perk, people still don’t buy here en masse. Instead, they try to sneak from populated sections to these sections, but are almost always thwarted by the vigilant Rogers Centre ushers. As long as you have a ticket in these sections, you can mostly always sit anywhere you’d like here.

For $52 during Premium games, you have the choice of a seat in two sections: the 200 Level Bases and Field Level Bases. The prices in both sections drop to $44 for Regular games. The 200 Level Bases section provides more of a bird’s eye view of the field, but for the same price, it’s hard to argue against getting as close to the action as possible. Depending on where you like to sit, sections 130a through 130d on the third base side and 113a through 113d on the first base side give you a good shot at getting a foul ball.

The next two sections, 200 Level Infield and Field Level Infield, share prices of $71 for Premium games and $60 for Regular games. The 200 Level Infield sections are small – just three sections on each side of the HSBC Club VIP seats, which is a seven-section area in the 200 Level directly behind home plate. The location of the 200 Level Infield seats is prime, but given that you can get far closer to the action for virtually the same amount of money, you’ve got a choice on your hands. The perk to the 200 Level Infield section is that the seats are padded, unlike most of the other seats in Rogers Centre. The Field Level Infield section makes up much of the lower seating bowl. This section spans from first base to third base, although only at each base does this section reach the field. The rest of the time, the section sits above the next section, Premium Dugout.

Buy a ticket in the Premium Dugout section and it’ll cost you $73 for Premium games and $62 for Regular games. Unlike other seats in the 100 Level, these are padded, much like those in the 200 Level Infield section. If your budget permits you to consider a ticket in this price range, the Premium Dugout section is better value than the Field Level Infield section. The former section costs just $2 more than the latter, and also has more comfortable seats and is closer to the action.

The only two sections that maintain the same price regardless of the game’s designation are the In the Action seats directly behind home plate and on the outfield side of each dugout ($210) and the HSBC Club VIP seats in the second deck behind home plate ($75).

The In the Action seats are literally in foul territory, in front of the fence that separates the field from the rest of the seats. The seats here are large and comfortable, and a ticket in this small section includes food and non-alcoholic beverages delivered to you. With a ticket here, you’ll also have access to the HSBC Club VIP lounge area. The In the Action seats are select enough that they’re extremely difficult to obtain.

Rogers Centre has a handful of family sections in which alcohol is prohibited. If this idea appeals to you, buy tickets in sections 141/142, 237/238 or in the first 14 rows of 520/521.