What to eat at Rogers Centre

The BallParkGuide.com What to eat at Rogers Centre
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Premium concession stands all located in 100 Level
  • Quaker Steak & Lube is a prime spot to hit
The giant sandwiches at Shopsy's in the 100 Level are filling and delicious.

Regardless of what you expect to pay for food at Rogers Centre, it's likely you'll find everything overpriced. Calling stadium food overpriced, of course, is doing little more than pointing out the obvious. But the Blue Jays don't mind adding an extra $1 or 50 cents to an item because most fans will pay it. There will always be the type of fan who's content to spend $5.25 for a hot dog and $4.50 for a bottle of water, but if you don't mind spending more to get a whole lot more, Rogers Centre has a ton of quality options for you to consider.

Fortunately, the concession stands throughout the stadium offer a wide spectrum of items that will satisfy virtually everyone's taste buds. All the prime concessions are located in the 100 Level, meaning if you have a seat up in the 500s, you'll have to descend to grab your grub. (The 500s still have basic items -- hot dogs, popcorn, pizza and the like.)

If you've had chicken wings at a Quaker Steak & Lube, the chances are pretty good that you were impressed. And you'll be impressed to know that Rogers Centre is home to Canada's first Quaker Steak & Lube location. The menu isn't as extensive as at this chain's restaurants, but you can still choose from more than half a dozen flavors, including the popular Louisiana Lickers and Arizona Ranch. Quaker Steak & Lube sells wings in two sizes -- a single order, served in a cardboard container ($10) and in a plastic bucket ($21) ideal for sharing. Unlike some stadium wings, these aren't skimpy. They're mostly drumsticks and are large and full of meat. The sauces are delicious, but remember to grab a bunch of napkins. The kiosk, located behind Section 134, also sells impressive onion rings, loaded fries and chicken fingers.

Another item worth trying is a deli sandwich from Shopsy's Deli, which is located behind Section 125. Here, you can enjoy heaping Montreal smoked meat, pastrami or corned beef sandwiches for $10. Expensive? Yes, but consider that it's cheaper than buying two hot dogs. If you really want to give your taste buds a treat, indulge in the Bill Cosby Triple Decker -- a monstrous sandwich loaded with corned beef, pastrami and cheese on three pieces of rye bread. It comes with coleslaw and a pickle wedge for $11. Sauerkraut and hot mustard are available, too. Shopsy's carries other items including kettle chips and pickles on a stick.

The Roundhouse Carvery and Bar is located behind Section 122 and includes a carving station with chefs preparing a variety of unique items. In addition to serving carved beef top sirloin with coleslaw and potato salad, the carvery also sells Santa Fe Chopped Pork Nachos loaded with BBQ smoked pork, cheese, salsa, black beans, green onions, sour cream and fresh jalapenos. At $8.50, this dish gives you a lot more value than traditional stadium nachos and "cheese," which sell for $6.50 throughout Rogers Centre. Another key carvery menu item is the Grand Trunk Smoked & Chopped BBQ Pork Sandwich ($9.75), which is a Kaiser roll loaded with smoked pork, BBQ sauce and onion strings.

The Muddy York Market is a cafeteria-style eatery with a sizeable menu featuring BBQ items, sandwiches, salads, gyros, pasta, sushi, Asian wok food, wraps, sweet potato fries, pitas and more. The Muddy York Market is situated behind section 109.

At the Hogtown Grill, you've got the choice of the Hogtown Burger, with toppings including arugula and chipotle aioli ($11), a standard stadium burger ($7.50), a grilled chicken sandwich on a ciabatta roll ($12), a grilled Mediterranean sandwich ($7.50) and chicken tenders and fries ($9.75).

If you want to stick to standard stadium food, it's sold at concession stands throughout the entire stadium.

Rogers Centre sells numerous types of beer, many of which can be found at the Roundhouse Carvery and Bar. Beers include Stella Artois, Labatt Blue, Alexander Keith's, Bud, Bud Light, Bud Light Lime and more. As at other stadiums, Rogers Centre cuts off alcohol sales at the end of the seventh inning. If alcohol's not your thing, look for a Budweiser Good Sport booth. Here, you can fill out a form saying you pledge to be the designated driver for your group in order to receive a voucher for a free small soft drink.