Finding Your Way Around Rogers Centre

The Finding Your Way Around Rogers Centre
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • 100 Level is where all the action is
  • Watch the team's pregame TV, shot on location
The 100 Level is the place to be; it features the team shop, several premium concession stands and numerous other things to see.

Navigating your way around Rogers Centre is simple due to the circular design of the stadium. Unlike some facilities with paths jutting away from the main concourse, Rogers Centre is made up of one long, circular concourse per level.

The stadium has 15 gates, meaning the lineups aren't typically too long. Your ticket indicates the gate closest to your seat, but you won't be refused entry for using the wrong gate -- you'll just have to walk farther more once you're inside. If you don't like lineups, circle Rogers Centre until you're able to find a gate with fewer people. Gates 7 through 10 often tend to be the most populated, as they're closest to the ticket office, which is situated between gates 9 and 9A.

Before you enter Rogers Centre, make sure you get rid of any bottles you're carrying. If you've got a baggy jacket, purse or backpack, gate attendants will search you for forbidden items such as beverages. If they find any, you have the choice of leaving it behind or consuming it before entering. You are allowed, however, to take wrapped or bagged food items, including juice boxes, into the stadium. Backpacks are allowed at Rogers Centre, provided they're less than 16 by 16 by 8 inches in size. Hard-sided coolers are not permitted.

The 100 Level at Rogers Centre is where all the action is. In addition to housing the premium concession stands, this level also is the home of the team shop and numerous merchandise and memorabilia stands. You won't have trouble finding the merchandise stands, but they're behind sections 113, 114, 117, 121, 127, 129, 130 and 132. Higher up, these stands are at sections 210, 213, 220, 227, 236, 518, 525 and 530. Regardless of your seat's location, take some time to walk a full lap around the 100 Level before going to sit down. The upper levels of the stadium have little in the way of attractions, so don't short yourself on taking in the sights of the 100 Level. If you want to eat something other than standard stadium food, you'll have to buy it down here. And if carrying it all the way up your seat isn't appealing, the 100 Level has several bar-style tables and chairs set up along the concourse so you can eat while your food's still hot.

Several TVs mounted throughout the concourse show Blue Jays highlights and other pre-game programming, including This Week in Baseball broadcasts. Once the game begins, the TVs show the Jays TV broadcast. As you make your way around the 100 Level concourse, make sure to stop and check out the BlackBerry Broadcast Studio, located down the third base line. Jamie Campbell and 16-year Major League veteran Gregg Zaun host the Rogers Sportsnet pregame show from this location and also provide updates several times throughout the game. You can watch them on air from just a few feet away, and Zaun often signs autographs after the pregame show.

Getting up to the 200 Level and beyond requires taking a series of long, dark ramps that can be found in a couple locations throughout the stadium. The ramps are well marked and there's little chance you'll get off at the wrong level; ushers will make sure of that.

If you're traveling with small children and need a family washroom, you can find one behind sections 134, 238 and 539. Likewise, first aid stations are also available in these areas. Guest services booths can be found behind sections 120, 135, 212, 236 and 525.

If you're visiting Rogers Centre from south of the border, you don't need to worry about getting your American currency exchanged for Canadian bills. American money is accepted throughout the stadium. There are ATMs behind sections 116, 120, 127, 213, 221, 235, 239, 516 and 530. Be warned that with each withdrawal, you're hit with a service charge.

Fans who are anxious to check out the team shop before the gates to Rogers Centre open can do so. On off days or days on which the Jays are on the road, the team shop is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., seven days a week. When the Jays are home, the team shop's hours are dependent on the game's start time. For 1:07 p.m. starts, the shop is accessible from the outside between 10 and 11 a.m. For 7:07 p.m. starts, the shop is accessible from the outside between 10 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Once the stadium gates open, you can access the shop from inside the stadium until after the ninth inning. The team shop is located at Gate 5, or behind Section 112 when you're inside Rogers Centre.