Autograph Tips For Rogers Centre

The Autograph Tips For Rogers Centre
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Team occasionally has signing booth in concourse
  • Players sign on each side of dugout, depending on day

Prior to your visit, check the Blue Jays website to see if the team will have a signing booth set up in the concourse. Before select games (usually on Fridays) the team has a former or current player sign for a short period of time up in the concourse behind the 100 Level. The booth is an ideal opportunity for you to get an autograph, but thousands of other fans are thinking the exact same thing. If you hope to succeed, make sure you get to Rogers Centre early, find your gate and secure yourself a spot at the head of the line. To give yourself a good chance of getting an autograph, you'll have to walk quickly or run to the location of the signing booth and get in line.

If you aren't interested in the player signing, don't want to contend with the lineups or can't get to the stadium on time, you've still got a shot at adding some signatures to your collection. First, decide which team you want to pursue. The Blue Jays dugout is on the third base side; unless you're lucky, crowds make it difficult to get autographs at both dugouts before the game, so pick one team's dugout rather than expect to succeed at both.

Before some games, a number of Jays will sign for fans. On other days, no one makes an appearance. In other words, you never know quite what you'll get on any given day. If a player plans to sign, however, he'll often do so along the fence in front of sections 127, 128 or 129, which is roughly behind third base. Occasionally, players will also meet fans around between sections 124 and 123, on the other end of the dugout.

If you're looking to get some autographs from the opposition, try the fence along sections 120, 119, 117, 116 and 115, which surround the visitors' dugout. Another opportunity to get a player on the visiting team to sign is during batting practice. By the time the gates open, the Jays are usually done hitting, but the visitors are on the field. If you spot your guy shagging balls in the outfield, find a spot in the front row in section 130a, 130b, 130c or 130d if your guy's in left field, or 113a, 113b, 113c or 113d if he's in right field. If you're a legitimate fan (it helps to be wearing his team's hat or jersey) you might have success calling out to him.