Where to sit at Progressive Field

The BallParkGuide.com Where to sit at Progressive Field
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Opponent partially dictates the price of each ticket
  • Infield Lower Box might be best deal
The upper deck seats at Progressive Field are high, but give you a perfect view of the entire stadium.

Progressive Field offers fans a wide variety of seating options at a range of prices that are feasible for every budget. Like many teams, the Indians have different prices for each section depending on the visiting team in town. If it's a team designed at a premium opponent, such as the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox, you can expect to pay significantly more for your ticket. These games, dubbed Prime Games, are priced higher than the team's Value Games, which are mid-range pricing, and Super Value Games, which are the most affordable. The savings range in each section. In the more expensive sections, the Prime Games are more than twice as expensive as the Super Value Games. In the cheaper sections, the prices are the same across the board.

If you're on a budget, it's always worth determining the Indians upcoming opponents when you're planning a road trip. If you're not planning to cheer for the visiting team and would rather just get the Progressive Field experience, picking a Super Value Game can save you enough to pay for your food or something at the team shop.

Picking the right seat depends primarily on where you enjoy sitting during a game. If you want to enjoy a high-end experience close to the action, several sections are worth considering. Tickets in the Diamond Box section are the most costly, but they're also as close as you can get. They run from the middle of the Indians third base dugout to the middle of the visitors' dugout and are at field level. Super Value Games range from $35 to $40 ($40 gets you in the front row of the section), Value Games cost $75 and Prime Games cost $85. The Super Value option is desirable because at many MLB stadiums, a front-row seat will cost you more than $40. Plus, at Progressive Field, the front row seats in the Diamond Box section have ridiculously large legroom.

If you don't want to spend quite as much but still enjoy sitting around the infield, the Field Box section is your most logical option. Priced at $30-$60-$70, these seats are located directly behind the Diamond Box in the lower seating bowl, and also in the front half of two sections at the far end of each dugout. You still get the feeling that you're right in the action, but your wallet won't take as big a hit.

For a few dollars cheaper, the Infield Lower Box puts you fairly close to the field but without having to pay front-row prices. These seats are directly behind a cross-aisle that runs around the stadium, directly behind the top row of the Field Box section. The Infield Lower Box section begins in shallow left field and runs roughly to a spot on the first base side in line with home plate. For Super Value Games, these tickets are a great bargain considering how close they are to home plate. For Prime Games, they're a little pricey. The range in this section is $24-$44-$50.

Comparable price-wise to the Infield Lower Box section is the Lower Box section which, as its name dictates, is in the stadium's lower level but not around the infield. Instead, this section begins around the end of each dugout and runs down the base lines. For Super Value Games, you'll pay $24, for Value Games the price jumps to $40 and Prime Games cost $44.

The Lower Reserved section is another alternative for mid-range prices. At $24 for Super Value Games, they're equal to the Infield Lower Box and Lower Box sections, although they offer a different view of the action. The Lower Reserved seats are located down the first base line in the corner, down the third base line in the corner and in right field. The latter are perfect for putting you in a position to catch a home run, while the former two are good for long foul balls. For Value Games, this section's price jumps to $27 and for Prime Games, you'll pay $30.

The View Box section offers a higher view of the field without being so high or far away that you need to pack your binoculars. Located above the press box, this section runs from the outfield end of the dugout on the first base side all the way around home plate and to the outfield end of the third base dugout. The price range for a ticket in this section is $16-$32-$36. They're perhaps not the type of ticket you'd want to spend $36 on, but when you're attending a Super Value Game, they're a great deal.

As its name suggests, the Upper Box section is located in the upper deck. This section is directly behind the View Box section and is one of the sections that gives you the widest range of options. On the third base side, the Upper Box section begins nearly in the left field corner, and then runs all the way around home and to the power alley in right-center field. Upper Box seats are affordable at a range of $12-$14-$16, depending on the game you choose.

One of Progressive Field's notable sights is its large bleacher section in left field. These tickets are affordable, remaining constant at $10 regardless of the opponent visiting town. The bleachers are large enough that you can sit close to the foul line, over in left-center, next to Heritage Park, or anywhere in between. The height of the bleachers also gives you the option of being just above the outfield fence or up high. The fans in this section are generally raucous and fun, which adds to the entertainment value of your ticket.

The cheapest ticket in Progressive Field, as you might expect, is located in the upper section of the upper deck. Called Upper Reserve, these seats span from one end of the upper deck to the other and make up a large percentage of Progressive Field's seating. Tickets here are $9 regardless of the opponent. One of the joys of having a ticket in this section is the ability to move around to find an open row or relatively empty section, if desired. Up here, the ushers aren't concerned with checking your ticket.

Although you obviously need a ticket to get admittance to the stadium, Progressive Field has a popular standing room sections that is worth visiting. Most notable of these is the Toyota Home Run Porch, found in the left field corner. This area is one of the best places to stand during the game if you hope to catch a home run ball. On days in which attendance is low, the porch isn't too crowded. When it's a sold-out crowd or a hot opponent is in town, expect this area to be packed.

If you're a club seat type of person, Progressive Field has three sections of club seats, all of which are located above the cross-aisle down the first base line. They're broken into three sections -- Infield Club, Midfield Club and Outfield Club, and are priced according to their proximity to the plate. In these sections, the prices remain the same all season long. The Infield Club costs $80, the Midfield Club costs $70 and the Outfield Club costs $65.