How To Get To Progressive Field

The How To Get To Progressive Field
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Despite downtown location, Progressive Field is easy to reach
  • Proximity to I-90 makes for quick access
As you get closer to Progressive Field, it's easy to see the stadium's signature toothbrush-style light posts.

Progressive Field is located in the heart of downtown Cleveland, which might give you the impression that it's a hassle to reach by car. Fortunately, you can see Progressive Field from I-90 and given the stadium's close proximity to the highway, you'll be parked and walking to the gates in no time. One of the first sights you see from the highway is the stadium's tall, toothbrush-style light posts, which will certainly excite you as you know you're getting close.

From south of Cleveland, take I-77 North to the E. 9th Street Exit. Exit the highway, follow the E. 9th Street ramp and get on E. 9th Street. You'll see Progressive Field ahead on your left, and there are numerous parking options to consider.

From west of Cleveland, take I-90 East and stay on the highway when it turns north. Exit at the E. 9th Street Exit, follow the ramp and get on E. 9th Street, where you'll see the stadium ahead on your left.

From east of the city, take I-90 West and make sure to follow the highway when it bends south around the airport. Take Exit 173A to Prospect Avenue, and then turn right on Prospect. Follow Prospect Avenue to E. 9th Street and turn left. You'll see Progressive Field ahead on your right, as well as several parking lots to choose from.

It's common for downtown Cleveland to have its share of road construction underway, so it's always a smart idea to consult a traffic-monitoring website such as Beat the Traffic before you head to the stadium.

Map of Progressive Field with Directions