Get Balls And Autographs at Fenway Park

The Get Balls And Autographs at Fenway Park
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Joining Red Sox Nation fan club gets you on Monster during BP
  • Autograph Alley is the spot for pre-game signings
The parking lot on Lansdowne Street, located in the shadow of the Green Monster, gives you a shot at snagging batting practice home runs.

Catching a home run during batting practice can be the highlight of any ballpark visit, and there’s no cooler place to catch a ball in all of baseball than on the Green Monster. Short of having a ticket for a Monster seat, the only way to get up here during BP is by joining the Red Sox Nation fan club. Joining the club gets you into Fenway 30 minutes before the gates open, and you can use the time to stand on the Monster and test out your catching skills. If you’re visiting Fenway with a friend, only one of you has to join the club; each club member can take one ticket holder in early. In 2013, basic membership cost just $15. Enroll online and get to Gate C in straightaway center an hour before gates open.

A cheaper option for getting a BP home run is to do your best to get into the parking area on Lansdowne Street, directly behind the Monster. You might have to talk, bribe or sneak your way past a parking attendant to use this area, especially if you aren’t parked here. But you won’t be the only one, and you’ll likely see a few long home runs headed your way.

Once the gates open, you’ll find you need a little luck to snag a ball. If you’re after a home run, make your way to the center or right field bleachers and try to stand on an aisle in as open an area as possible. For foul balls, make your way to the field level seats and get down to the front row if you’re able. Have your glove ready and don’t be afraid to lean forward and scoop up anything rolling your way.

If you love autographs, you’ve got a couple ways to get something signed during your visit. The Autograph Alley section of the team shop on Yawkey Way hosts a free autograph signing with a former member of the Red Sox before each home game. The lines here are understandably long, but if you arrive early enough and visit the team shop, you’ll be able to meet whoever’s signing.

After you enter the park, use the same strategies as you would anywhere else. If you’re a Red Sox fan, run down to field level on the first base side and hang out around the dugout or down the base lines. If you’re after someone on the visiting squad, stick to the third base side. The likelihood of getting an autograph varies by game, but this is your best bet.

I normally enjoy trying to get a ball during each ballpark visit, but I didn't try during my 2012 visits to Fenway Park. I found the park so picturesque and memorable that I wanted to spend every minute exploring the sights. Whenever I return again, though, I've got a hook-up to get on the Monster during BP, which should be amazing.