Where to sit at Oriole Park at Camden Yards

The BallParkGuide.com Where to sit at Oriole Park at Camden Yards
by Malcolm MacMillan
  • Make sure to spend an inning on Eutaw Street and another in the flag court
Regardless of where you're sitting, take the opportunity to spend an inning in the flag court beyond right field.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards offers a wide range of enticing seating options, but the beauty of the park means that you shouldn’t stick to your seat throughout the game. Instead, make it a priority to watch at least part of the game from various vantage points throughout this beautiful park. At field level, you can sit directly behind home plate or either dugout in the Field Box seats for between $60 and $72, depending on the opponent and the day. For better value while still being close to the field, consider the Left Field Lower Box seats. This section wraps around the left field foul pole and includes seating sections down the third base line and beyond the left field fence for $33 to $39.

Camden Yards has a couple unique seating options that you won’t find in every park. This list includes the Drink Rails section midway up in the left field corner for $33 to $39, and the Bistro Tables section midway up in straightaway left field for $180.

If you’re looking for affordability, standing room tickets are your best bet for $15. If you want to actually sit down for the game, though, the Left Field Upper Reserve seats provide a decent view of the action, while also giving out an outstanding view of the B&O Warehouse and Eutaw Street. Tickets in this section are $15 for all games. Closer to the action, your best affordable bet a ticket in the Eutaw Street Reserve section in center field. These tickets range from $20 to $24, depending on the opponent.

Regardless of where you sit, make sure to look for a couple notable seats at Oriole Park. Similar to how Fenway Park has the Lone Red Seat, you’ll notice a pair of orange seats in Baltimore that stand out from the rest of the dark green stadium seats. Visit the Eutaw Street Reserve section in right-center to look for seat 23 in row 7 of section 96 – it’s an orange seat that recognizes the landing spot of Orioles great and hall of fame member Eddie Murray’s 500th career home run. Additionally, you’ll find an orange seat in the left field bleachers (seat 10, row FF, section 86) that marks the landing spot of Cal Ripken, Jr.’s 278th home run as a shortstop, which topped the career mark set by hall of famer Ernie Banks.