About Us

TheBallparkGuide.com was founded in the summer of 2010 by longtime baseball fan Malcolm MacMillan. After watching countless Blue Jays games in Toronto -- and subsequently learning the intricacies that make up that city's game-day experience -- he wanted to branch out and visit more parks around the continent. And while assorted books and websites provided some insight, the conclusive guide didn't exist -- until now. The Ballpark Guide is written for fans, by a fan, and will help you make the most of your trip to a new ballpark in a new city. Want to know where to park for cheap, what concession item to add to your menu and what hidden gems to visit? It's all here at TheBallparkGuide.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What does TheBallparkGuide.com offer that can't be found elsewhere?

Teams' websites often provide detailed information about their stadiums, but that information is simply presented without necessarily putting it in order of importance. A team will list all the food it sells, for example, but not say what you should try first. TheBallparkGuide.com is designed to help you create the best experience possible, from pointing out alternatives to overpriced parking, to breaking down where to sit, which parts of the stadium to visit, what local fare to eat, where to go post game, and much, much more.

2) What if I disagree with something found on your site?

That's great! And I encourage you to let me know what you've learned that I may have overlooked. Or, perhaps the experience for you was different than the day I visited the ballpark. Either way, more feedback makes the site better, and helps future travelers. Make sure to get in touch with me ([email protected]) and let me know what you want to share.

3) When should I visit TheBallparkGuide.com?

If you're a serious baseball fan like me, you might want to check it regularly to read the reviews and bits of information from my travels and the travels of our writers. Even if you're not planning on immediately visiting a stadium I've just reviewed, it's still fun to read about if you love the game. Otherwise, I trust you'll be all over this site prior to visiting a new stadium. Make notes or print my information -- but either way, take this knowledge with you. Your visit will be all the more rich. And, certainly, hit TheBallparkGuide.com to offer feedback and additional information after you've visited a new stadium.

4) Can I review a stadium for your website?

Yes! Get in touch with me ([email protected]) and we'll work something out. I'm looking for experienced writers or bloggers who are opinionated and can write in a way that will explain, educate and entertain. Photography skill is also a must, because it's important to enhance your description with photos.

5) I'm not a writer, but I'd like to add something to your site.

I welcome all additions to each of the reviews I've compiled. E-mail me ([email protected]) and let me know what you'd like to add. I'll add it to the Fans' Voices section below each of my reviews, and include your name, if desired.

6) Why all the Minor League Baseball parks?

Good question. In my mind, baseball is baseball, regardless of the level at which it's played. While the big league game is what most of us love best, there's something special about seeing this great sport played at the minor league level. Smaller ballparks offer a unique, intimate experience for the fan, and are definitely worth checking out. I'm of the mind that if you're a baseball nut, and you're traveling a substantial distance to enjoy an MLB game, why not check out a minor league game nearby?

7) You say things like, "I'll tell you where to sit." How do you know what I'm looking for in seating?

I don't. When I say I'll provide the best seating option, I'm not necessarily telling you to sit in such-and-such a section. But I'll shed light on which sections stay sunny in afternoon games, while which sections are shaded. I'll point out the areas that have individual, fold-down seats, versus benches. Want a padded seat? Or a seat with a cup holder? Or one that's close to a key concession area? I'll provide all that.

8) Why don't you rank the stadiums you visit?

Simple -- because what I like, you may not like, and vice-versa. Some people love rubbing shoulders in a crowd, while others want a row of seats to themselves. I don't see much merit in ranking stadiums -- plus, is Wrigley Field better than Fenway Park? To some people it is, and to others, it isn't. What I can do is provide all the details about each stadium I visit -- and then you can decide where it ranks on your list.

9) Can I keep in touch with you on social networking sites?

Yes. You can follow me on Facebook or on Twitter @BallparkGuide.

10) What ballparks are you visiting soon?

I don't always know where my travels will take me, but do typically plan road trips out a month or so in advance. The best thing to do is follow me on Twitter @BallparkGuide to see where I'll be next, among other things.

11) What parks have you visited, and when?

I've only kept track of my travels since I began compiling this information in July 2010, but if you want to see where I've been, and when, visit the Game Archive section

12) I'm an autograph collector. Do you collect autographs at the ballparks you visit?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. The smaller parks are wonderful for meeting players and obtaining signatures, and the bigger parks are harder. Likewise, up-and-coming players are more apt to sign, while many established stars will steer clear of autograph seekers. It's fun to try to get big leaguers when they're in the minors on rehab stints. Each review I write will include information on autograph seeking.